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    Baja AZ T's

    Let customers, members and fans Order YOUR T-shirts Direct from Amazon


    What can you do with Baja AZ T's service?

    possibilities abound...

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    YOU CAN... Promote your restaurant, salon, bar or retail store.

    Wouldn’t it be great to have an army of customers wearing your shirts around town? I can show you how and why to use these t-shirts as a way to generate more business. (Hint: think “T-Shirt Tuesdays.” And THEY PAY FOR THE SHIRTS!)

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    YOU CAN... Sell t-shirts as a fundraiser.

    This is easy as pie when people place their OWN orders – all you do is give them the link to your shirt on Amazon. I’ll periodically send you a check for profits made.

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    YOU CAN... Order shirts for your organization, team, company or school.

    Little League? Cheerleading competition? Family reunion? Company tees? Let everybody order their own tees – in the size they want, when they want, if they want. You can order single tees for employees too.

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    YOU CAN... Sell your artwork and designs.

    If you have designs that you believe people will pay to wear, this is a great way to make them publicly available on the world's largest and most trusted online marketplace.

  • How to Get Started

    space is limited

    Contact me via phone or email and let me know what you're thinking - what type of business you have and how you might want to use the shirts..


    We’ll brainstorm some ideas, discuss artwork and colors (you can provide logo/art or we can work with one of my graphic designers) and if you decide to proceed, I’ll collect a modest setup fee. You have no other upfront costs.


    Very soon – usually within a few days – your shirt will be ready to order from Amazon! I’ll send you an order link – and you can start telling your customers and friends.


    I'll answer your questions and get you started...

    JC Trader